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Companies with large price lists present purchasing agents with real challenges...      

          "How do I find the products I need without having to search through reams of paper?"

The Buyers Dream:  I wish I could sort your price list by Description, Item Number, Supplier or Category.  I'd be in ecstasy if I could quickly search each of these areas for a certain keyword, number or phrase and filter the list to show only those items.  And, as long as we're dreaming,  I should be able to enter the quantity and then immediately generate my order with one click.  And Pictures...  I should be able to see what I'm buying!


The Dream Comes TrueSmart Price List  has all that and even allows you (the vendor) to specify that they must buy full cases or a certain minimum quantity even if that quantity is different from the displayed case pack.  (a message displays if the user tries to order less)  Smart Price List  even lets you add pictures that expand to full size with a single mouse click. 

Most purchasing agents would find it convenient to be able to print/fax or E-mail the order right then and there.   So we put that feature in too.   (only the items ordered are printed or E-mailed)  (faxing requires WinFax or similar)

Free to try:  If you like to try before you buy, simply download Smart Price List and open it with Excel.                  


     Smart Price List Demo     (file size: 1 MB)

Instructions for use:  Before you get started, please note:  1) You must "Save this file to disk" and open it with Excel 2000 or higher.  2) The scroll bars and menu bars have been hidden to maximize space on the screen.  3) Use your arrow keys to move around on the form.  A Menu button is provided to toggle the menu bar.

To get started, enter a Purchase Order Number and any desired comments (like shipping address, ship date, ship via, etc.)

Click Sort above any column to sort the list by the information in that column.  Click the ? above any column to filter the list based on a keyword.  You can filter on more than one column at a time!  Click the ? again or click Unfilter to cancel all filters.  To create an order simply type the quantity desired in the column labeled "Order".   Go ahead and order several items (as a test) and then Click the ? above the order column to see how it hides items not being ordered.  Click the same ? again to resume ordering.  Notice the item extension amount next to the order quantity and the running total at the top of the form.  Ordered items are highlighted.  When you are done creating your order, click E-Mail or Print to generate it.  A preview of the order is displayed and you are given the choice to E-Mail, Print or Cancel it.  Choose Print for now, examine the preview and then press Esc.  You will be returned to Smart Price List.  When you are ready to start a new order click New Order to zero all previously ordered quantities.  -or-  Click Close to exit Excel.

You may notice that there are two more columns, off to the right, labeled "Sub Category" and "Keywords".  These work just like the other columns except that here your customers can enter their own text to enhance finding the items they want.  (Note: Sorts on these two columns are in descending order so that the blank entries are pushed to the bottom)  If you further divide your categories into sub categories, you may want to pre-load the sub category column with your sub category titles.  Typically the "Keywords" column would be used to enter additional text not found in the "Description" column.  (the sample data provides examples for this feature)

Pictures:  You can add pictures in a variety of different formats.  Some samples are included with the demo.  Simply hover your mouse over the picture column. (below the eye glasses)  The item image will become visible.  Move your mouse away and it will hide keeping everything nice and compact.  Try it!  Note: Pictures may be removed from Smart Price List if desired.  You will see messages during opening and closing which allow you to choose your preference.  Tip:  If you are going to E-Mail your Smart Price List file removing pictures will reduce its size.

Special Note:  There is an Update Minimum Order Quantities button located at the top right side of the form that allows you (the vendor) to set your minimum order quantities before you distribute your Smart Price List.  Click it to review or change the sample data provided.  (When you close this feature, you are given the option to hide the button and the information from your customers)  When your customer uses Smart Price List to create an order a warning is displayed if they enter a quantity that is less than the minimum.  If your minimum is a multiple of the case pack, they are reminded to order full cases if they don't.  In the demo the user can ignore the warning and just move to another line.  However, the code can be easily modified to insist that they order according to your established minimum requirements.

Customization and help with loading pictures and item data is available at additional cost.

The "live" version has an Initialize button which helps automate loading your Smart Price List information.


Please E-Mail me to ask questions or to purchase.  GetInfo